The Underrated Sport

The world contains a wide variety of sports that require physical and mental strength. We constantly hear the talks of Football being the toughest sport to play due to the constant injuries received from players being tackled to the ground. Some might even argue that Rugby is more challenging and physically demanding since they do the same that football does except without padding. With these sports enticing the audience with their constant violent behaviors they start to watch their games on TV. While they are very physically demanding sports, they do not compare to what it’s like to battling other athletes in Water Polo.

The sport of swimming is a great way to test an athlete’s endurance and stamina through simple laps in the pool. Now add two goals and a ball, the size of a volleyball, to the pool to have the most challenging sport to date. This underrated sport has many challenges that athletes practice days on end for in order to excel. The goal for the athletes is a simple one, but due to the nature of the sport, the water is what makes it extremely difficult to achieve that goal. Oh and by the way, the opponents have the ability to push you under the water until they steal the ball. Describing the game already frightens people of how violent the players can get towards one another.

While many of the fans in the stands pay attention to what happen outside of the water, they are completely oblivious to what is occurring underneath it. Since the referee does not have a clear view of what goes on in the water. The players are constantly moving their legs to get a set position to score, but some athletes tend to take the ability of movement away. They would use their legs to hold the opponent down by the speedos which would impede his progress. The dirty players would kick or knee the opponent in the back or push-off with their feet which helped them gain position.

The sport shows many violent sides to the game, but also shows the art in muscle strength and endurance. In the game, athletes must master the ability to elevate out of the pool in order to get a better position to pass or shoot the ball. In order to do this, they first must master the skill to “egg-beater” with their legs. This technique allows the player to elevate half of his body out of the water until he gets tired and retreats back down. There have been great instances where players have used this technique and propelled half their body along with on leg out of the water to score. These amazing feats can only be shown in a Water Polo match, but yet it does not air regularly like football.

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