4 Useful Tips for the Beginner to Airsoft

Airsoft is a fun and exciting sport that can be played in team format and great for those wishing to get involved in the pretend combat type of activity. It is great for people from all walks of life, skill levels and all ages. Plus, this is a type of activity that relies on both the body and the brain for a physical and mental challenge. Here are four tips to help the first time players of Airsoft:

Take safety precautions

It is essential to practice safety before you get actively involved in the shooting. These precautions should be taken no matter the skill level or experience of the Airsoft players. Basic safety precautions include wearing a protective face mask and goggles. Plus, it helps to wear protective clothing for the body, such as long pants and long sleeve tops. Even though Airsoft isn’t as painful as a paint ball strike it is still worth protecting the bare skin from the plastic pellet shot from the soft air gun. Other protective gear includes knee pads, helmets and protective vests. Use the knee pads if the play is likely to lead to a lot of time crawling or crouching on the ground.

Understand the guidelines

Make sure to read and understand the safe operation instructions that comes packaged with the Airsoft gun and accessories. There are many different Airsoft guns and each of these must be used, maintained and cleaned in the most appropriate way. Common issues with this equipment include excessive pumping of a spring cocked gun, loading the pellets incorrectly, using the wrong method to charge batteries, and loading the wrong pellets. If the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed, this can not only shorten the usable lifespan of the gun but also void the warranty.

Avoid use in public areas

The Airsoft guns have a very realistic look so it is important to avoid having them on display in public areas. Carrying this type of item in clear view may lead to legal repercussions, panic or even physical harm. For these reasons, it is essential to keep the gun and related supplies concealed while in a public area.

Learn the basic tactics

When first starting out with Airsoft, it helps to at least learn some of the basic tactics that are essential to protect yourself from the opposing team’s fire. There are several things that can be done to create a smaller target. For instance, it can help to peek around an obstacle and not look over the top, and also try to stay low to the ground.

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Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Trap Shooting Skills

Shotgun sports have been around for centuries, dating back to the mid 1700’s in England, and are still some of the most popular events for international competition and recreational shooting alike. Trap shooting is the oldest of these sports, which involves shooting clay birds from five locations behind the trap house. The trap is an electromechanical device that randomly throws a bird in different directions, presenting a challenge for the participants. Typical events are based on 25 rounds per shooter, five at each of the five stations behind the trap house. While the concept is simple (shoot clay birds when it’s your turn), consistently hitting a moving target is another story. Here are three tips on how to improve your trap game (none of which involve buying more expensive equipment).

Lean into it

One of the most overlooked factors in trap shooting is your stance. Since the birds could be flying in a number of directions and trajectories, you need to be able to find your target, swing, aim ahead of the bird, and pull the trigger. With an improper stance, this will wind up being a jerky motion, and you won’t be able to consistently pick off birds. Your front foot should be facing the direction of the trap house, and your back foot should be about 45* off of that, shoulder width apart. Here’s the key: you want to be leaning forward putting most of your weight on the front foot. This allows you to swing laterally either direction in a controlled, fluid motion, giving you the best opportunity to hit the bird.

Never look down the barrel

This one is completely counterintuitive, but looking down the barrel will cause you to miss more often than not. Most people are accustomed to looking through a scope on their rifles, or aligning sights on their handguns, so naturally you want to aim the bead at the end of your shotgun barrel at the bird. There are two primary reasons why this is wrong. First, the bird is a moving target, and to hit a moving target, you have to shoot in front of it. If you pull the trigger when the bird is in your sights, you’re going to miss behind it. Second, the human eye is good at a lot of things, but focusing on two things (at different depths) at once is something that it struggles with. You should have both eyes open when trap shooting, and focusing on both the bird and the bead often winds up with your eyes not focusing well on either. The sooner you learn to track the bird and point your shotgun to hit the leading edge of the bird, the better off you’ll be.

Take your time

This tip is particularly for new shooters, but even seasoned marksmen will appreciate this as well. There is a fine line between waiting too long, and rushing your shot. As soon as a bird is released, a lot of new shooters will be trigger happy and wind up missing the bird before they even gave themselves a chance to point the shotgun near the bird. You want to hit the bird either while it’s on the rise or at its peak; if you wait until it’s falling, then you’ve waited too long. This is a fast action sport, and you obviously want to be quick, but take enough time to the extent that your hands point the shotgun where your eyes are telling you to shoot.

Firing a shotgun is simple, and the concept of trap shooting is very straightforward. As always, the devil is in the details, though, and the more disciplined you are at the details, the better a shooter you will become. Maintain a proper stance leaning forward, shoot in front of the bird without looking down the barrel, and take your time. Practice these tips and you’ll see improvements in no time. Stay safe and happy trapping!

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3 Tips To Remember When Buying Championship Rings

Championship rings are not only precious units to have they are also a sign of your allegiance to your team. When buying the rings you should consider these tips:

There is no guarantee that the value will rise

While many people collect the rings and keep them as treasures, there are others that buy them so that they can later resell them at a higher price. If you are the type of person that is interested in making money from making resells, it’s important to note that there is no guarantee that the value of the rings will rise. Buying the units with the hope of them going up in value is synonymous to buying stocks or investing in real estate. The only thing that you can do is hope that the market goes your way and the value climbs up.

Be cautious of the auction house

The auction house is one of the places where you can buy the championship rings. The cool thing with the house is that you don’t need to struggle in order to get your favorite ring. All you need to do is show up in the house and be the highest bidder. The cool thing with the auction is that you can buy a ring for a minute amount especially if there are no people interested in it.

The auction house is a great place to buy the rings as a collector but it’s highly discouraged that you go into it if you are looking to resell the rings. As mentioned, there is no guarantee that the prices will rise. When you buy from the auction house, you have to pay a 20% commission to the house. If the ring’s price doesn’t go up you will have made a loss.

Do research before parting with your money

Before you buy anything it’s highly encouraged that you first do your research. The same thing applies when you are buying championship rings. It’s good to note that there are no two rings that are the same. Rings from a popular season or popular player are usually more valuable than those from a less popular season and player. To ensure that you don’t buy the wrong units, consult experts. Best people to get advice from are sports memorabilia experts.


These are the tips that you need to consider when buying championship rings. As mentioned, never invest in the rings without first doing your research.

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Tips In Choosing Sports Activities Venues

Sports activities can provide numerous benefits for individuals. However, when living in a city, one of the most common issues that restrict individuals from playing their beloved sport is space. That is why some individuals are looking for sports activities venues. No doubt, you may find some sports activities venues near your area. But, in order to make your activity exciting and memorable, you need to choose the right venue. To help you, below are some simple tips you need to consider in finding a venue for numerous sports activities.

Evaluate the location

First and foremost, when looking for sports activities venues, it is important for individuals to evaluate the location. Surely, individuals may find venues situated in peaceful locations which can be quite relaxing. However, individuals need to consider some factors from transportation up to accessibility to amenities. These factors are important to determine if the location of the venue can match your needs.

Determine its space

After checking the location, the next thing individuals need to do is to determine its space. Most sports venues are large. But, there are cases when venues cannot match your sports activity. Apart from playing space, individuals also need to consider space for the audience. This is needed in case you are using the venue for small tournaments. Not to mention, it is also imperative to make sure that the venue has sufficient space for your vehicles.

Assess sports equipment and facilities

When looking for sports activities venues, individuals also need to assess if the venue has the right sports equipment and facilities. Venues with the different types of sports equipment and facilities can help you cut down your expenses in hiring such items. Other than that, individuals have easy access on these items in case it is damaged during a game. And, venues with sufficient sports equipment and facilities can help you make activities better and more exciting for everyone. Fortunately, there are some venues that provide numerous sports equipment and facilities from popular games like baseball, bowling up to ice skating and even paint ball.

Check if the venue has food stands

Finally, you also need to check if the venue has food stands. Of course, after a fun and tiring game, players need to regain their energy by eating meals and drinking beverages. Luckily, some venues house numerous food stands to allow individuals find the food item that can satisfy their thirst and hunger.

With these simple tips, individuals can play different sports activities which can help improve health as well as social life.

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